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Scotch Glasses

Handblown scotch glasses are the perfect gift for a scotch lover's glassware set. Each glass features a medallion inspired by antique seals used by old European studios.

Want to make it extra special? I make custom seals for logos and to commemorate milestones and events.


Each glass is individually made by hand making each one unique. There are slight variations in size and colour of the medallion.


Made to order. $55 each

The Campfire Scotch glass medallion features a nighttime campfire amongst trees and mountains.

Other seals include a moose, bear, anchor, and crown.

Northern Lights Drinking Glass

These colourful glasses are inspired by the beauty of the northern lights. Each one is carefully handmade out of 1200C liquid hot glass. They have a tapered bottom allowing them to conveniently nest.

Each glass is individually made by hand making each one wholly unique. There is slight variation in size and colour pattern.


$45 each 

Owl Beer Glass

Inspired by my love of owls and beer the elegant Owl Beer Glass is handblown from 1200*C liquid hot glass. Each one is hot stamped with a special colour of glass that causes the seal to become a beautiful iridescent gold.


Each glass is individually handmade by Ryan. The sheen of the seal can vary in "gold-ness", sometimes lighter/sometimes deeper, and the average height is approximately 6.5" tall but can vary slightly.


$59 each 

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