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Ryan M. Fairweather

designer & glassblower

In 2005, Ryan M. Fairweather co-founded and co-owned Bee Kingdom Glass, an award-winning and internationally exhibiting art glass studio based in Calgary, AB.


Starting mid-2020, Ryan continues his colourful and playful style of glassblowing as Campfire Glassblowing.


The name is inspired by the fires used to create his work, the reminiscent quality of roasting gooey marshmallows over a flame, and the social nature of gathering around the campfire, and the beauty of Canadian wilderness.

He is also a passionate cute character artist!

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Erin Wallace_cropped_cmyk.jpeg

Erin E. Wallace

Designer & Photographer

Born and raised in Canmore, Alberta, thus a lover of the great Canadian outdoors, she brings her talents as a professional photographer to Campfire Glassblowing.

Her love of the northern wilderness is also infused with her design aesthetics. 



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